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CS:GO Jumpthrow Bind

A jumpthrow bind is a command in CS:GO that does precise throwing of Smokes or Molotovs over long distances allows. There's nothing more annoying than messing up the decisive shot in a tight round, or throwing the smoke in the wrong place and giving the round to the opposing team.

If you also want to throw your nades more consistently in the future and have always wondered how some players, for example, always hit the spawn on Mirage, you should definitely read on, because the Jumpthrow Bind is the answer to all your questions.

  • What is a jumpthrow bind in CS:GO?
  • What is the benefit of Jumpthrow Binds?
  • How to bind the keyboard in CS:GO?
  • How to Automate Jump Throw Binds?
  • How to use the Jumpthrow Bind in Counter Strike?
  • Why isn\'t my Jump Bind working in CS:GO?
  • Can you use Jumpthrow Binds anywhere in CS:GO?

What is a jumpthrow bind in CS:GO?

The word "jumpthrow" is a combination of the verbs "jump" and "throw", i.e. "jump" and "throw". A jumpthrow is therefore a jumped throw.

The word "bind" comes from English and means to connect here. "Binds" are in Counter Strike a way to assign recurring actions or movements to a specific key.

With a jumpthrow bind you connect the jumped throw via a command with any key on the keyboard. This button then ensures that jump throws are always thrown in exactly the same way.

To do this, you take a grenade in your hand, unlock it with the left mouse button, aim, press the corresponding hotkey and throw the grenade.

The Jumpthrow Bind is among the most important customizations among Counter-Strike players and is a real game changer, especially for Smokes, if used correctly.

What is the benefit of Jumpthrow Binds?

In order to bridge greater distances, grenades must be thrown while jumping, i.e. the jump throw must be used. If you make such throws manually, they are unfortunately often very imprecise and not constant. When throwing jumps, fractions of a second decide where and how a nade lands. Getting the timing right here is simply not possible.

If a Smoke doesn't land where it should, the plan may not work and a round is decided in the first few moments.

A jumpthrow bind ensures that your grenade is always thrown at the same time. Cracked Nades become much more reliable, which is essential for coordinated attacks with your own team.

How to bind the keyboard in CS:GO?

A jumpthrow bind is made possible by a small script with consecutive commands.

Jumpthrow bind example:
alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind alt "+jumpthrow"

The first part of the command creates an "alias", i.e. a shortcut. This actually triggers two commands. The first is "+jump", which causes the character to jump and "-attack", which causes the character to stop attacking, i.e. throwing the armed grenade.

The subsequent shortcut "-jumpthrow" triggers the jump again, which must always follow a "+jump" command so that you can jump again.

The second part of the command connects these two shortcuts (the action) to the ALT key.

Instead of the ALT key, any key could be used here, which should trigger the jumpthrow bind. Mouse buttons such as the mouse wheel or the thumb button are often used for this purpose.

Now you are already very well positioned and can support your teammates even better with your nades. The only problem? You must type the command into the console every time after you start the game. But don\'t worry, there is a solution...

How to Automate Jump Throw Binds?

If you don\'t want to type the command every time CS:GO is opened, you can solve this via the autoexec. You can write the jumpthrow bind directly into the autoexec or have it open an extra file for the jumpthrow bind. This is much more convenient than writing the commands to the console at the beginning of each session.

To do this, you simply have to look for your config files and the "autoexec.cfg" in your installation folder. If it doesn't already exist, you need to create it. Then simply copy your Jumpthrow script into this file.

Now there's only one thing left for you to do. Open Steam, right-click Counter Strike Properties, click General, click Startup Options, and enter the command "+exec autoexec.cfg" in the Startup Options.

Now the autoexec file is always executed at the beginning of the game and your jumpthrow bind is ready to use.

How to use the Jumpthrow Bind in Counter Strike?

If you have deposited the appropriate script, it is very easy to use the Jumpthrow Bind. Now all you have to do is select a grenade and press the left mouse button. Then press the jumpthrow button you have chosen and be amazed.

Your grenades will now become much more consistent at longer ranges with practice. If you want to practice throwing Nades, you should enable trajectory marking in offline games. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the most important throws and to practice throwing with the Jumpthrow Bind.

Why isn't my Jump Bind working in CS:GO?

Take a look at your scripts. Are there any spelling mistakes? Are you really pressing the right button? Those are the first things you should check.

If everything looks correct here, you should check whether you are in the correct Steam directory. Anyone who has several accounts or lets friends gamble on their own computer from time to time is often wrong in the directory.

If that also works, you should make sure that the autoexec ends with "host_writeconfig", otherwise problems can often occur here.

Can you use Jumpthrow Binds anywhere in CS:GO?

Jumpthrow binds are generally legal in CS:GO, so you don\'t risk your account if you follow our little guide. However, do you play in leagues like theESL or CSL, or participate in tournaments, you should always make sure that Jumpthrow Binds are really allowed!

We hope your Nades land a little bit better after this article and you can now decide even more rounds for your team!