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The term "rekt" in gaming stands for "destroyed" and describes a situation in which you had no chance against an opponent or were outplayed. 

But what does rekt mean? The word "rekt" is a euphemism for "wrecked", which means "destroyed" or "annihilated". The meaning and usage is identical to the terms "owned" or "pwned". 

But what does "get rekt" mean? It depends on the situation in which it is used. If you write "get rekt" at the beginning of a match, you usually mean "you will be destroyed". If you write "get rekt" in the chat after a match, it can also be interpreted as "you got destroyed" or similar to "go die". 

The most common use of rekt and get rekt in gaming is when someone has absolutely no chance. Fitting moments would be, for example, a real beating in Fifa or death by a 360 no-scope in COD.  

In the meantime, however, rekt and get rekt have also made it into other areas of life and communities. For example, the terms can also be used when someone has ruined themselves financially with crypto or is simply very drunk. The way into the mainstream was prepared, as so often, by 4chan and Reddit.

The first entry for "rekt" in the Urban Dictionary came about in 2011, and the connection to gaming probably came about around 2013, when it was increasingly used in the World Of Warcraft community. A short time later, a Mount and Blade tournament was officially called "REKT" and the term was seen more and more often in titles of YouTube videos. 

However, rekt and get rekt became really popular, like so many things on the Internet, through 4chan and Reddit. In early 2014, an anonymous user posted a story about himself and his girlfriend, to which someone responded with the words "LOL rekt."

This lack of empathy, made a screenshot of the conversation go viral on Reddit some time later and the rest is history. Today, rekt and get rekt is its own meme format and a common phrase on the internet. The uses for it are varied, but thankfully usually much more civilized than the origin of the rekt hype.