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In the gaming world, the abbreviation "AOE" stands not only for the legendary strategy game "Age Of Empires", but above all for "Area Of Effect". 

But what does AOE mean in this context? In gaming, "Area Of Effect" refers to the area of effect of an attack that attacks and damages all enemies within a certain radius. Such attacks do not have a single target, but attack all opponents (and possibly teammates) in a certain area. 

Such attacks, which can be found mainly in tabletop or strategy games, are especially suitable for eliminating a large number of weak or weakened opponents at the same time. Hence, why they are important and can decide whole matches. 

Typical examples of AOE attacks are explosions, spells, fire, storms or thunderstorms. Such attacks can be found in Overwatch, Fortnite, Dota 2, Heathstone or LOL, for example.