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The Poggers emote is used when you want to express happiness, joy or enthusiasm.

It shows "Pepe The Frog" with the same facial expression as the PogChamp emote. That is, with a surprised and enthusiastic facial expression.

But what does Poggers mean exactly? The Poggers emote is not only visually similar to the PogChamp emote, the usage is also very similar. With the Poggers emote, you can show yourself shocked, amazed or excited on Twitch and other platforms. For example, about something that is happening or will happen in the stream. However, the Poggers meme has other uses and the meaning can easily differ from user to user and from community to community. 

So it can also be used when you want to express appreciation. Similar to a "well done", "great game" or "respect". However, as is common with memes and emotes, it can also have the exact opposite meaning when used ironically.

Like so many emotes, Poggers is based on Matt Furie's character "Pepe The Frog", which was popularized by 4chan and is now an important part of global meme culture. 

After becoming increasingly popular throughout 2017, the emote is now one of the most used emotes on Twitch and even a common expression on other platforms.

Despite its high popularity, Poggers requires the use of common browser extensions.