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The Jebaited emote is often used when someone has been trolled or tricked. It shows the face of Alex Jebailey, one of the biggest names in the American fighting game/beat em up scene, with an amused expression on his face.

Examples of Jebaited use are plentiful. If a streamer gets stuck in a game and gets a wrong hint from the chat he is following, he has been successfully "jebaited". But even if a streamer was lured into a trap in the game, or believed something absurd from the chat, he was "jebaited". Likewise, the chat can be "jebaited" by the streamer if, for example, the streamer tells a false story and a large portion of the audience falls for it. 

Whether you want to admit the trickery afterwards, accuse someone of trolling, or don't mean something so seriously, the jebaited emote is the appropriate term for it. 

But what does "Jebaited" mean exactly? Unfortunately, the meaning of Jebaited is often misunderstood. The word "Jebaited" is based on a combination of the words "to bait" and "Jebaley".

While "to bait"  means "to entice" or "to lure" and is thus explained relatively quickly, "Jebailey" requires a bit of a stretch. Alex Jebailey is one of the most influential people in the American fighting game/beat em up scene and one of the main organizers of corresponding e-sports tournaments. 

However, occasionally in the past he was seen in the wrestling ring as part of events, for example, in a match against Michael Nakazawa in Japan. He often defeated his opponents by outsmarting them. His fans then said about the opponents that they had been "jebaited".

Originally, the emote was added because Jebailey was friends with a Twitch employee and showed a picture of him that was more reminiscent of trading cards of wrestlers from the 80s. However, in 2016, an updated version of the photo was uploaded from a fan event, which now looks rather funny and captures the meaning much better.

In the meantime, Jebaited has become a very popular emote and a household name even outside the Twitch community. Again, it describes any action that makes someone do something or trolling in general.