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The gachiGASM emote is used when someone is extremely happy or very satisfied with something that happens in a stream. However, it can also be used when you find a male streamer more attractive than average. 

The gachiGASM emote is a picture of erotic performer Billy Herrington with his eyes closed, mouth open and a satisfied expression on his face. 

The word "gachiGASM" is a combination of the words "gachimuchi" and "orgasm". In Japanese, the word "gachimuchi" describes, among other things, a genre of adult films in which muscular men wrestle with each other in a pornographic style. 

The first traces of the emote can be traced back to 2015. Billy Herrington was already an Internet star in Japan at that time, after a video of him on the Niconico platform went viral.

The gachiGASM emote became popular through the streamer "Forsen" and a video showing him playing Hearthstone. In this video, the entire chat is spammed with "gachiGASM" for the first time, which helped the emote gain much more popularity. 

Both gachiGASM and the animated version, the gachiBASS gif, require the usual browser extensions.