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How to find the right gaming name

Finding good online names is not easy. You finally got the new game, the new console or a clan and want to take off with a new in game name. The problem? You just can't think of a good gaming name. Don't worry, we'll help you find a name and make sure that your new one will be one the best gaming usernames out there.


  • Finding good usernames for gaming
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Gaming names are very important in e-sports and some names are known by everyone. The gaming name is used to chat with fellow gamers, celebrate plays, or mock someone on the other team. They show up in leaderboards, appear in titles of YouTube highlights, and become successful YouTube and Twitch channels. This makes them an important part of e-sports, just like Claw Grip and Jumpthrow Bind.

For us gamers, they are an important symbol and part of our identity. The squad will eventually only address you by your gamer name when you're playing together. Angry opponents find us by our name and send us nasty messages. When we get more Twitch followers, usernames for games often become a small brand. What starts as an expression of our humor or taste in music then often stays with us for years.

The fundamental problem is that you often can't change your player names that easily. No matter if it' s the game, the console, the platform or the fame that doesn't allow it, changing game names is often just not possible.

That's a problem. We all want that one unique gamer name that is simply perfect and fits us, our style and our genre. But most of the time you only notice it when you've been playing with your old account for 4 years and it's already too late.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you again, we've written this article. We will guide you step by step to your new nickname for gaming and do our best to make sure that you soon will be able to dominate the community with a fresh and unique gaming name.

Finding good nicknames for games
To find a really good gamer name, you should pay attention to a few things from the start. Nothing is worse than putting in a lot of effort and then realizing after a few weeks that you've broken the unwritten laws of awesome gaming names.